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Ever wondered how a healthy cup of coffee can heal you from top to bottom and might also help in weight loss? Why in the morning do you roll out from your bed and demand for a healthy and quick eating snack? And why between a dreadful day you wish to pop in something as healthy as berries? The change of having something healthy yet delicious is what we call the Beantree effect!

It is no surprise that Beantree products are best in its own way, hence we at ‘Beantree Foods’ bring forward to you such refine quality and healthy products from all parts of the world.

We have been sourcing such fine quality products from farmers who constantly take care of your munching needs. Here is when we take a step, we at ‘Beantree Foods’ sort the seeds and provide our customers with the best in the market dehydrated fruits and dried berries, unlike anyone else. While our dehydrated fruits are sourced from Thailand, berries are mostly shipped from U.S.A, California.

Our Products

what we offer

Each jar packed contains products that are amazing in taste, and that we believe is the only way to enjoy the rich, complex flavors of real seeds and berries! We also prefer having glass jars than those made of plastic, since plastic after reaching a specific room temperature leaches out chemicals that might be dangerous and harmful for any human body.

‘At Beantree Foods’ we offer a large variety of munching snacks, dehydrated fruits and dried berries that are healthy, nutritious, moderate and without any additives and chemicals. Further, the food items made are of great taste and superior quality which keeps you want to have them at any point of the day.


Food for all

Social Responsibility

As responsible society members, we at ‘Beantree Foods’ donate Rs. 1 for every jar that we sell in the market, this gives us the feeling of belongingness which we think is the best feeling in the world.

The founders of ‘Beantree Foods’ also vouch for donations to poor humans as well as animals. The ideology behind donating is laid on the basis that each and every citizen of the country should be fit and healthy!

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